Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska – Europejskie Centrum Sztuki w Białymstoku imienia Stanisława Moniuszki

Sezon 2018/2019
2018–2019 Season


Na przodzie stoi kobieta w fioletowym kimonie. Za nią siedzi kilka kobiet.


A wonder tale about a cruel Chinese princess and a fierce prince Calaf, filled with eroticism and overpowering...

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“Doctor Zhivago” is one of the greatest literary love stories of all time. This ageless, heart-wrenching classic...

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Na ciemnych deskach sceny leży złota maska w kształcie czaszki, ozdobiona czerwonymi i czarnymi kamykami


This all-time musical classic, based on a novel by Gaston Leroux, is the longest-running and most profitable show in...

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We all know the story of the Little Red Riding Hood—the girl who went to her sick grandma’s home with a basket full...

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Everyone knows the story of the ugly duckling. The mother duck’s eggs begin to hatch, revealing several fluffy...

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“Adonis Has a Guest” introduces viewers to the life of two very different personalities: Adonis and Charcoal....

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Plakat firmujący spektakl dla dzieci pt. : ''Księga Dżungli''.


“The Jungle Book” is the newest musical proposal dedicated to the young viewers and families. At Podlasie Opera and...

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Trzech mężczyzn w garniturach w kratkę, białych koszulach i czarnych muszkach. Stoją obok siebie, uśmiechają się. Meżczyzna stojący w środku, trzyma ręcę na ramionach mężczyzn stojących obok.


“Back in the Day” is a new comedy performance by a dance ensemble Fair Play Crew! Their abstract sense of humour,...

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Season opening

This will be a night to remember. The subtle emotionality of Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op....

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Italian Recipe for Success

Rossini’s wit were said to be biting, and his cynicism didn’t leave anyone out, including himself. “Six...

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Each piece performed that night will be a surprising discovery. “Monbar, or the Filibusters,” op. 30 is Ignacy...

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Ars Iuvenum

The idea of founding Ars Iuvenum chamber ensemble came to life in May of 1988. Since the beginning the artictic...

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Film music by Michał Lorenc

Film music without a visual layer draws a new narrative. This evening we will hear music composed by Michał...

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Towards the End

This evening will belong to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We will begin with his Violin Concerto in A Major, described by...

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100 for 100. Musical Decades of Freedom

Following the subsequent partitions of 1772, 1793 and 1795, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth disappeared from the map...

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Włodek Pawlik Trio

The meaning behind Mickiewicz’s “Great Improvisation,” the most famous part of his drama Forefather’s Eve, may...

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25 years of Czeremszyna. Special guests: Wojciech Wysocki, Staszek Jaskułka, Zmicier Wajciuszkiewicz “Todar,”...

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Gods Live

“Gods”—live in concert is a unique event that combines the worlds of film and music, and will definitely pierce...

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Christmas concert

The most beautiful Christmas songs performed by Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Children’s Choir, Big Band and...

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Tribute to Musical

What’s extraordinary about this concert is a daring encounter of different artistic personalities and forms. Damian...

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This evening will provide you with the most tasteful motives from operettas as performed by renowned Polish artists....

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Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds. The music shall spark your imagination and provide you with exciting views. This...

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It is going the be the evening of Tadeusz Trojanowski—renowned pianist, composer, pedagogue and cultural animator,...

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From the Italian land to Poland

Poland and Italy are tied together thanks to deep and long cultural and political relationship. There’s and important...

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Each and every one of the works in programme is a reference to a classic story, that, when heard, revives in the...

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Audiofeels symphonically

Not ordinary voices. They perform in a style called vocal play: their outstanding possibilities and perfect...

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Those are powerful works of art! They have become the part of collective consciousness and even though the music is not...

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Moments of happiness

Can one hear happiness? Three works performed this evening will sound with serene atmosphere, lightness and vividness....

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The most talented amongst the young generation of musicians will perform on one stage. For many years they have been...

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Antoni Wit, one of the greatest Polish composers, long-time director of famous Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra...

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Lenten concert

Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Children’s Choir for years has been with us during the magical times of the Christmas...

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Three oratorios of the greatest living Polish composer have the power to bring the heavens closer to the earth. Song of...

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Pawlik/Moniuszko—Polish Jazz

Włodek Pawlik is the only Polish Grammy winner for jazz. His newest CD is the very first in the worlds to feature...

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There’s no need for the audience in Białystok to get introduced to Mariusz Ciołko. That outstanding pianist and...

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Primal light

Gustav Mahler in his Symphony no. 2 looks for answers to elementary questions. He speaks up on the metaphysics and...

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Mieć w miłości kraj ojczysty

The year 2019 was named by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland the Year of Stanisław Moniuszko, who was born exactly...

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A French evening

Music without clear boundaries, painting subtle tones of sounds and a glimpse of feeling a composer wanted to evoke in...

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Directions of the world

Because of the national day of mourning in Poland, that was announced from Friday, January 18, 17:00 to Saturday,...

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“Carmina Burana” is the title of a 13th-century collection of songs in Latin, found in 1803 in the Benedictine...

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Polish Dance Theatre

Polish Dance Theatre’s “Let the living bury the dead” was inspired by the romantic tradition, escpecially Adam...

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Ania Dąbrowska

Ania Dąbrowska never tried too hard to chase trends or score hit singles, consistently following her own path. Not...

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Fair Play Crew

Fair Play Crew are a group of performers who won the hearts of viewers in Poland and… China. The ensemble has just...

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“Songs are just recordings of moments. Nothing more and nothing less,” said Kortez in one of his interviews. Come...

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“Kostroma” Russian National Ballet

“It is my firm belief that human society is divided into three distinct castes: Russian dancers, dancers, and very...

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Karolina Czarnecka

Karolina Czarnecka is an interdisciplinary artist. In her work she mixes different fields of art and explores its...

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Grzegorz Turnau

The work of Grzegorz Turnau mostly brings to mind the city of Krakow, but it was another place that inspired the artist...

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Her songs rule the charts, music televisions present her with awards and her singles continue to achieve millions of...

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Stare Dobre Małżeństwo

Stare Dobre Małżeństwo is the most recognizable group from the circle of poetic song and folk ballad in Poland, for...

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Voo Voo

Voo Voo entered the S-4 studio in Warsaw to register a new studio album. The album “Za niebawem” will be released...

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The birthday of Moniuszko

“The birthday of Moniuszko”—celebration of 200th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Moniuszko. Let’s...

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Open Days of European Funds

Open Days of European Funds action is especially ceremonial this year, as it is the 15th anniversary of Poland joining...

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Long Night of Museums 2019

May 18, 2019 sets the date of the 16th Long Night of Museums in Poland. With great pleasure we join the event again and...

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Nie znaleziono wydarzeń.



The title of the exhibition refers to a phenomenon in which you can see the sound or hear the colour—associating...

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Theatrical Photography Competition

For the fourth time the best theatrical photographs have been chosen. In the fourth edition of the Theatrical...

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Running with the Wolves

In European culture the wolf is an animal with strong associations. It gave rise to the legends of werewolves, thus...

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Siberia in pencil by Alina Maliszewska

The album “Siberia in pencil by Alina Maliszewska” is the newest publication of Sybir Memorial Museum. It is also...

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Pictures of the music

The starting point for that unique exhibition were thirty photo sessions commissioned by the Polish Music Publishing...

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Halfway Festival 2019

The sounds come from the inside. Always real, filled with artists’ emotions and addictive depth. Like every year, we...

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