One of the most renowned operettas in the history, “The Gypsy Baron” was also considered his biggest masterpiece by Johannes Strauss II himself. It was intended as an opera, as unusual dramatism and deeply lyrical text of its base, Mór Jókai’s “Sáffi” novella, seemed to require that kind of study. This is why such long and elaborate work was devoted to every character, aria, and scene. In the letter to the librettist, the composer confided: “Before leaving for a long, lone walk in the forest, I have been learning by heart a few of your verses, and there I wrote down the melody on the stiff cuffs of my shirt.” The world premiere’s reception was a landslide victory. What attracted attention was the fact that it was the very first Vienna operetta with Hungarians and Gypsies as main characters. The world of “The Gypsy Baron” shimmers with Romani and Hungarian milieu, and in the synopsis realistic plots intertwine with fairytale-like pictures of the Gypsy camp. Everything, of course, to the tacts of a fiery csárdás and a waltz that carries you away.


The action takes place a day before the war. Its dangerous vibe is there in the air. Despite the light and humourous libretto, one can sense a chilling atmosphere, bound up with the rise of social divisions between the citizens and immigrants. Both worlds are going to be visibly juxtaposed in the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic’s production. The first will be grotesquely realistic, while the second will be magical and mystic, as inspired by the pictures of Kusturica or Petrović.

World premiere: 24 X 1885
Premiere: 13 IX 2019

IX–X 2019
2 hrs 50 min (including one 25 min break)
55–120 PLN
Main Stage
Odeska 1
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Music: Johann Strauss II
Libretto: Ignaz Schnitzer based on the novella “Sáffi” by Mór Jókai


Music Director: Bassem Akiki
Director: Maria Sartova
Set Designer, Animations: Damian Styrna
Multimedia: Eliasz Styrna
Choreography: Jarosław Staniek, Katarzyna Zielonka
Costume Designer: Anna Chadaj
Choir Director: Violetta Bielecka
Children’s Choir Conductor: Ewa Barbara Rafałko
Assistant Music Director: Rafał Kłoczko


Anna Lubańska / Jolanta Wagner / Joanna Motulewicz (cover)
Anna Wiśniewska-Schoppa / Adriana Ferfecka
Rafał Bartmiński / Sławomir Naborczyk
Patryk Rymanowski / Sylwester Kostecki
Łukasz Ratajczak / Bartłomiej Łochnicki
Maria Domżał / Anna Wolfinger
Remigiusz Łukomski / Grzegorz Szostak
Arkadiusz Anyszka / Maciej Nerkowski
Joanna Motulewicz / Monika Ziółkowska
Maciej Nerkowski / Krzysztof Stankiewicz
Bartłomiej Łochnicki / Artur Mądry

Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir and Children’s Choir


Fri 13 Sep 2019
Main Stage
Sat 14 Sep 2019
Main Stage
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Sun 15 Sep 2019
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Sat 21 Sep 2019
Main Stage
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Sun 22 Sep 2019
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Sat 28 Sep 2019
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Sun 29 Sep 2019
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
Main Stage
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Sun 13 Oct 2019
Main Stage
Available: 98
Sat 19 Oct 2019
Main Stage
Available: 62
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