in the Stanisław Moniuszko Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic—European Art Centre in Białystok


1.1. Tickets for the Stanisław Moniuszko Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic—European Art Centre in Białystok (further referred to as OiFP) are available at the box office on Odeska 1 and Podleśna 2 in Białystok.
1.2. Box office opening hours:
a) Odeska 1—high season: between 10 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Friday, between 11 AM and 7 PM on Saturdays, and between 11 AM and 6 PM on Sunday; low season (July and August): between 9 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Friday;
b) Podleśna 2—opens an hour before the performance;
c) on performance days that fall on national holidays, the box office opens two hours before the performance in the given venue (Podleśna 2 or Odeska 1);
d) the box office hours may sometimes be irregular; they are continuously updated at the footer of the homepage.
1.3. Tickets may be paid for in cash or by card.
1.4. 30 minutes prior to the beginning of an event, the box office only sells tickets for the upcoming performance.
1.5. Apart from the box office, tickets to events taking place at the OiFP are also available online. The online sales operator is Bilety24 owned by DialCom24 Sp. z o.o. See: Terms and conditions of online ticket booking and sales, annex at the bottom of this page.


2.1. Tickets may be booked in person, by phone at +48 85 306 75 04 or +48 85 306 75 06, by fax at +48 85 734 19 66, and by e-mail at
2.2. The booking is based on the customer’s telephone number, and the customer will receive a booking number to purchase the tickets.

Individual tickets

2.3. Booking individual tickets by e-mail is valid for three days from the receipt of booking confirmation issued by the OiFP.
2.4. Individual tickets may be booked until 7 days before the event.
2.5. Booked individual tickets have to be purchased from the box office within 5 days from the booking confirmation date, based on the booking number; after the lapse of this period, the booking will be cancelled with no prior notice.
2.6. It is possible to issue a VAT invoice for tickets paid for at the box office of via a transfer to the OiFP’s bank account upon a clear request of individual Clients. Invoices are issued up to 7 days after ticket purchase date, based on the cash register receipt and for the amount printed on it.

Group tickets

2.7. Group tickets (a minimum of 20 persons per 1 event taking place at one time) may only be booked if the buyer submits a written confirmation (delivered in person using the group ticket booking form or sent by fax or e-mail) within 5 days from the booking; after the lapse of this period, unconfirmed tickets may be sold to other buyers.
2.8. Group tickets that are booked and confirmed in writing have to be purchased within the deadline specified by the employee accepting the booking. After the lapse of this period, without a prior change or cancellation of the booking, the booking shall be cancelled without prior notice.
2.9. If arranged with the ticket booking department, group tickets booked by institutions may also be paid for via a bank transfer to the OiFP’s bank account based on a VAT invoice issued at the box office (with a booking number and the title and date of the event in the transfer description).


3.1. If the event is cancelled, the box office shall refund the ticket price within 7 days from the planned event date based on a proof of purchase.
3.2. The proof of purchase is a bill, invoice, agreement, wire transfer confirmation, card payment confirmation, bank statement, or transfer of ticket ownership.
3.3. If you decide not to attend the event, the OiFP accepts returns of tickets purchased at the box office in line with the rules set out below:
a) only tickets purchased at the box office may be returned—e-tickets are non-refundable;
b) individual tickets may be returned up until 3 days before the event, except for tickets to the New Year’s Eve Show on 31st December, which may be returned until 23rd December;
b) group tickets may be returned up until 5 days before the event;
a) school group tickets for educational event may be returned up until 3 days before the event;
e) tickets may only be returned upon presentation of a proof of purchase;
d) tickets are reimbursed using the same payment form as the original purchase (cash, wire transfer, credit or debit card), and ticket refunds are made only to the card/bank account used to make the purchase.
3.4. If you lost your purchased ticket, you may receive a duplicate, provided you present the proof of original purchase and make a written statement about losing the ticket—the OiFP selects a seat in the audience in the duplicate ticket issued to the buyer. The OiFP is not liable for third-party use of the lost ticket.
3.5. Terms and conditions of returning a concession ticket and purchasing a regular one:
a) upon presenting the proof of purchase of a discount ticket (i.e. concession, student, school, or special ticket), a discount ticket holder who is not entitled to said discount shall return the discount ticket and purchase a regular one,
b) in the event of losing the proof of purchase of a discount ticket, the customer shall sign a ticket return statement and pay the remainder of a regular ticket price,
c) returns referred to herein may be made at the OiFP box office not later than 30 minutes before the event begins.


4.1. Tickets to the OiFP’s events include the OiFP’s logo with contact details, tear-away stubs and information about the event (author, title, date, weekday, time, venue) as well as ticket type (regular, concession, student, school), row, seat and price. Tickets without the tear-away stub do not authorize their holders to enter the event.
4.2. In line with the VAT Act, ticket prices include 8% VAT and are as follows:
Area I PLN 100–110
Area II PLN 85–95
Area III PLN 70–80
Area IV PLN 50–60
Area I PLN 110–120
Area II PLN 90–100
Area III PLN 75–85
Area IV PLN 55–65
Area I PLN 120–130
Area II PLN 95–105
Area III PLN 75–85
Area IV PLN 50–60
Area I PLN 200
Area II PLN 200
Area III PLN 150
Area IV PLN 100
“The Jungle Book”: unnumbered seats PLN 25–34
Other fairytales: Unnumbered seats PLN 22–30
Numbered seats
Regular ticket PLN 40–75
Concession ticket PLN 30–65
Numbered seats
Regular ticket PLN 50
Concession ticket PLN 45
Regular ticket for 7.12.2019 5 PM (retransmission): PLN 25
Concession ticket for 7.12.2019 5 PM (retransmission): PLN 22
Regular subscription PLN 422 (40 PLN x 10 broadcasts, 22 PLN x 1 retransmission)
Concession subscription PLN 369 (35 PLN x 10 broadcasts, 19 PLN x 1 retransmission)
Open Dress Rehearsals—rehearsals for symphonic concerts for schoolchildren—ticket price: PLN 2
Ticketed exhibitions: regular ticket PLN 5, concession ticket PLN 3
“Mysteries of the Opera”—guided tour of the OiFP: organized groups—ticket price: PLN 5, guided tour + viewing terrace—ticket price: PLN 8, guided tour + exhibition—ticket price: PLN 8
i) HALFWAY FESTIVAL 2020 (25-26.06.2021):
Regular three-day ticket PLN 150
Concession three-day ticket PLN 130
Ticket for a child aged 7–12 is 50% of the price
Ticket for a child younger than 7 is free (free admission cards to be received at the box office)
Concession tickets may be purchased by school and university students under 26 years of age, PhD students, pensioners, annuitants, persons with disabilities (the document certifying the right to purchase a concession ticket is to be presented prior to entering the event).
4.3. VIEWING TERRACE tickets (panorama of the city from the roof of the OiFP):
a) opening dates: July 12–August 30, 2020, only Saturdays and Sundays,
b) opening hours: July 12–August 30, 2020 11.30 AM–9 PM (purchase/collect the tickets before 8 AM),
c) tickets are sold for PLN 8 at the box office, and on the days when the box office is closed, they are sold in OiFP’s foyer or outside near the stairs to the terrace,
d) children under 13 may enter for free, upon presentation of a school ID and in the presence of an adult (free tickets are collected from the box office; the above does not apply to organized school groups),
e) entering: the outside staircase (from the side of the St. Marie Magdalene orthodox church),
f) in the event of adverse weather conditions (rain, strong wind, etc.) it will not be possible to visit the viewing terrace.
4.4. The sale of last-minute tickets begins 30 minutes before the event. Unnumbered last-minute tickets (in the total number of 20) apply to the entire Concert Hall on Podleśna 2. Numbered last-minute tickets are sold for specific seats in area IV of the Main Stage auditorium of the OiFP on Odeska 1, which includes the following seats: Box III, stalls left; Box IV, stalls right; Dress Circle left and right; Balcony.
4.7. Invitation tickets may only be purchased by holders of invitations issued by the OiFP’s Management, subject to confirmation of attendance before the deadline provided in the invitation (after that date, unconfirmed invitations shall be released for sale). Confirmed invitations have to be paid for at the box office not later than 30 minutes before the event (unpaid invitations shall be released for sale).


5.1. Concession tickets to performances may be purchased by the following persons, upon presenting a valid document:
– school and university students under 26 years of age (symphonic concerts—school ticket: PLN 20–35; student ticket: PLN 25–40 or last-minute concession tickets: PLN 15–25—last-minute ticket prices are set separately for each concert), pensioners, persons with disabilities and unemployed persons,
– holders of the “Meritorious for Polish Culture” decoration and the “Medal for Merit to Culture—Gloria Artis” medal,
– arts teachers and lecturers,
– members of Związek Zawodowy Aktorów Polskich (Trade Union of Polish Actors).
The document certifying the right to purchase a concession ticket is to be presented prior to entering the event.
5.2. Group tickets (min. 20 persons) are sold with a 10% discount, excluding premieres, symphonic season concerts, third-party concerts and musical fairy tales.
5.3. School groups are entitled to 1 seat for the group supervisor as part of the payment made (1 supervisor per 15 persons). Groups of persons with disabilities are entitled to 2 seats for the group supervisors as part of the payment made (2 supervisors per 15 persons).
5.4. Upon presenting a valid document (District Employment Office certificate), unemployed persons are entitled to purchase concession tickets or concession last-minute tickets to all events organized by the OiFP (apart from third-party concerts).
5.5. Events organized by the OiFP are subject to the following additional discounts from the regular price:
a) holders of the Large Family Card, upon presentation thereof: 5% discount for performances and 10% discount for symphonic season concerts. The list of Large Family Card partners and the programme details are available at,
a) Honorary Blood Donors, upon presentation of their Honorary Blood Donor card: 5% discount for performances and symphonic season concerts,
c) premiere performances and New Year’s Eve shows are not subject to discount.

Information for persons with disabilities

5.6. Wheelchair users and persons using guide dogs or service dogs are kindly asked to notify us 3 days before the event they want to attend at (85) 306 75 06 between 8 AM and 4 PM.
5.7. Wheelchair users are entitled to purchase concession tickets to events organized by the OiFP. The concession also applies to their guardians.
5.8. The OiFP has four designated spaces for wheelchairs in the Main Stage auditorium on Odeska 1: stage left and right stalls, one seat each next to rows no. 1 and 2.
5.9. The OiFP has six designated spaces for wheelchairs in the Amphitheatre auditorium on Odeska 1: stage left, entrance no. 5 and 7, two wheelchairs each; stage right, the so-called mezzanine above the technical room, two wheelchairs—restricted view).
5.10. Persons with disabilities using guide dogs or service dogs should hold a statutory certificate and present it upon entering the event. If the animal behaves in an aggressive way, the OiFP may refuse entrance to the given event.
5.11. Prams are not allowed inside the OiFP auditorium (Small Stage and Main Stage). It is possible to bring a child in a carrycot, upon prior purchase of a ticket to the seat where the carrycot will be placed.
5.12. There is no minimum age limit to attend performances aimed at junior audiences; for all other events, we recommend children to be aged five or over.


6.1. Person holding the ticket, subscription, last-minute ticket, invitation, is required to be on time for given artistic event. If someone is late, OiFP’s ushers will only let them inside during a break between works (concerts) or acts (performance) and without the guarantee they will be able to sit in their seats. At the same time we inform you that someone leaving the audience during the event will also only be let inside during a break between works (concerts) or acts (performance).
6.2. Persons who purchased a non-numbered last-minute ticket (for events at Podleśna Street) are required to take unoccupied seats only after the third gong.
6.3. Persons in the audience are required to shut off their phones, electric timepieces, or any other devices that can emit sound.
6.4. Recording the sound, photographing, or filming during artistic events is strictly forbidden.
6.5. Smoking in the OiFP’s interior in strictly forbidden.
6.6. In the event of circumstances beyond OiFP’s control, OiFP reserves the right to change venues, programmes, artists, and dates of artistic events. We apologise for any changes.
6.7. OiFP reserves the right to change the price list.
6.8. Terms and conditions of the ticket booking and sales for any outside events organised in the OiFP’s venues by external organisers are determined each time by the organisers.
6.9. OiFP does not have many parking spaces for the public. While planning the arrival, please consider additional time to park your car.


7.1. In order to issue an invoice, the OiFP may request personal data required to issue said invoice. Such data is collected and processed in line with the personal data protection regulations in effect.
7.2. In line with our legal obligation under Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR) (Official Journal of the European Union of 4th May 2016, L 119/1), the Stanisław Moniuszko Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, further referred to as OiFP, hereby informs that:
a) the controller of such personal data is the Stanisław Moniuszko Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic—European Art Centre in Białystok (OiFP), Odeska 1, 15-406 Białystok,
b) the OiFP appointed a Data Protection Supervisor (IOD), e-mail:,
c) personal data is processed for the purposes related to performance under, and settlement of, ticket purchase agreements, legal basis: Article 6(1) GDPR,
d) apart from OiFP employees responsible for such agreements, such data may also be received by providers of IT and legal services working with the OiFP, based on strictly defined rules,
e) personal data shall not be transferred to third countries or international organizations,
f) personal data shall only be processed for the period required to meet the objectives of personal data processing, i.e. the period of performance under, and settlement of, the agreement, and the limitation period of civil claims and public law liabilities resulting from the agreement concluded with the OiFP,
g) data subjects may request access to their personal data and have the right to correct, remove or transfer such data as well as limit, object to and withdraw consent to the processing of such data at any time, and the withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on said consent before its withdrawal in line with GDPR,
h) personal data shall not be subject to automated decision-making processes by the OiFP, including profiling, in the fulfilment of the aforementioned objectives,
i) failure to provide personal data shall mean that the conclusion of, or performance under, an agreement with the OiFP may not be invoiced,
j) data subjects have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Terms and conditions of online ticket booking and sales