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There once lived a miller who left a peculiar inheritance to his sons: the oldest received the mill, the middle one got the mule, and the youngest of the three brothers… just a cat. Yet what a cat that was—he walked on his hind legs and spoke like a human! What is more, he made a promise to the miller’s boy: if he trusted the cat, he would get rich. On their path, they met Zosia, the beautiful daughter of a nobleman, and the terrible wizard Bombasta… The adventures of the cunning cat and his master are full of plot twists, intrigue and surprises. The production makes use of puppets, costumes, masks and magical tricks, and boasts an exciting stage design, choreography and wonderful live music, with many catchy songs. “Puss in Boots” invites the youngest audiences to fall in love with theatre. This colourful and dynamic fairy tale will introduce children to the world of music, and remind teenagers and adults of the warmth of childhood.

Based on Charles Perrault’s tale
Premiere: 4 XII 2016

For children aged 5 and over
Data wydarzenia XII 2014
Czas trwania 1 hr 15 min
Język Polish
Cena biletów 22–30 PLN
Miejsce wydarzenia Small Stage
Odeska 1



Text: Hanna Januszewska
Music: Piotr Nazaruk
Final Song Lyrics: Marta Guśniowska


Director / Adaptation: Bernarda Anna Bielenia
Instrumentation: Jan Stokłosa
Set Designer: Jan Polivka
Choreography: Maciej Florek


Puss / Chime
Michał Jarmoszuk / Miłosz Pietruski
Bombasta / Jaś / Creature
Rafał Supiński / Michał Kamiński
Rusznicki / Creature
Wojciech Schabowski / Daniel Lasecki
Regułka / Creature
Rafał Iwański
Piotrusia / Strużanka
Zuzanna Łuczak
Zosia / Strużanka
Ewa Łobaczewska
Monika Ziółkowska


Piotr Krakowiak / Stanisław Gadzina
Double Bass
Kamil Łomasko / Cezary Just
Czesław Jaźwiński / Wojciech Dunaj
Łukasz Zamaryka / Marcin Jadczak
Marcin Nagnajewicz

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