“Adonis Has a Guest” introduces viewers to the life of two very different personalities: Adonis and Charcoal. Adonis, a beautiful parrot, is convinced that his life is perfect. The egocentric bird is unaware of his plight: he may be the king, but only within the confines of his cage. The parrot’s peaceful and seemingly happy existence is interrupted by a sudden meeting with Charcoal—a crow whose life greatly differs from that of the caged bird. At first, the two animals from two very different worlds are unable to communicate, but subsequent events bring them closer together. The production beautifully shows that otherness may open our eyes to a different way of thinking, and encourage us to redefine our worldview. The young spectator of the play will also discover the importance of cooperation, which is crucial to achieve great goals, while the facts of life are conveyed in a funny and surprising manner. The fairy tale is truly memorable, and provides great entertainment for all, irrespective of age.

The production premiered at the Roma Musical Theatre on 1 VI 2011
Play under the honorary auspices of the Podlasie Voivodship Office of Education
For children aged 5 and over