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Third Stage

Polish Dance Theatre

Let the living bury the dead

Polish Dance Theatre’s “Let the living bury the dead” was inspired by the romantic tradition, escpecially Adam Mickiewicz’s “Dziady” (“Forefathers’ Eve”). On the stage, performing are all on the members of the ensemble, all in black and white costumes, and soon one of them will disappear. Both the dancers and the viewers will be forced to face the questions of our attitude to the ultimate end. How do we perceive death emotionally, religiously, morally? What are our mourning rituals? How do we keep our lost ones in the memory and at the same time how do we let them go? How to survive the pain and confide in the living?

The performance is a cooperation of an artistic duo of Prof. Aleksandra Dziurosz, choreographer, founder and director of the Warsaw Dance Theatre, director of the Warsaw Dance Days, current deputy director of the Institute of Music and Dance, and Tomasz Szczepanek, theatre director. The performance features electronic music by Aldona Nawrocka, composer, improviser, and pianist.

Polish Dance Theatre will perform on the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic’s Small Stage Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 7 PM.

Production co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Project in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Stage for Dance 2018 program.


Third Stage is an initiative allowing the free choice of widely understood entertaining repertoire. We give voice to the artists, and guarantee our viewers to take part in events which deliver completely new artistic experience.

Data wydarzenia 26 IX 2018
Czas trwania 50 min
Cena biletów 20 PLN
Miejsce wydarzenia Small Stage
Odeska 1



Concept, dramaturgy, director: Aleksandra Dziurosz, Tomasz Szczepanek
Choreography: Aleksandra Dziurosz & Polish Dance Theatre
Music: Aldona Nawrocka
Costumes, stage designer: Iga Kowalczuk
Lighting designer: Karolina Gębska
Assistant choreographer: Paulina Jaksim
Assistant costume designer: Natalia Rejszel
Producer: Natalia Gorzelańczyk
Cast: Urszula Bernat-Jałocha, Fabian Fejdasz, Julia Hałka, Paulina Jaksim, Jerzy Kaźmierczak, Zbigniew Kocięba, Katarzyna Kulmińska, Paweł Malicki, Marta da Pinto, Michał Przybyła, Adrian Radwański, Katarzyna Rzetelska, Sandra Szatan, Dominik Więcek, Emily Wong

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