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A romantic journey

Concert of the Representative Artistic Ensemble of the Polish Armed Forces

“A romantic journey through the land of Stanisław Moniuszko’s music,” concert of the Representative Artistic Ensemble of the Polish Armed Forces, directed by LCdr Jarosław Rywalski, was prepared on the occasion of The Year of Moniuszko. In programme there are the most famous arias and songs arranged for symphony orchestra, and fragments of the ballet “Na kwaterunku” (On the Billet).

Concert will inaugurate the “Four Seasons 2019” Moniuszko Festival. Organised in cooperation with the Stanisław Moniuszko Singing Society in Białystok.

Free admission cards will be available from April 25 at 9.00 at the Opera’s box office at Odeska 1. One person can pick up 2 tickets.

Data wydarzenia 5 V 2019
Cena biletów Free admission cards
Miejsce wydarzenia


Polonaise from the 1st act
Jontek’s dumka (aria) from the 4th act

“The Haunted Manor”
Jadwiga’s dumka (aria) from the 2nd act
Skołuba’s aria from the 3rd act
Stefan’s aria from the 3rd act

“The Countess”
Chorąży’s song from the 1st act
Bronia’s song from the 2nd act

“Pieśń rycerska”
“Stary kapral”
“Pieśń wieczorna”
“O matko moja”
Mazur from the 4th act of the opera “The Haunted Manor”

“Na kwaterunku” (On the Billet)—fragments


Aleksandra Okrasa-Wachowska
Natalia Ołów
Jan Kierdelewicz
Andrzej Wiśniewski

Representative Artistic Ensemble of the Polish Armed Forces
Choir, Ballet and Symphony Orchestra

Piotr Racewicz—conductor
Tomasz Labuń—conductor

Tomasz Szuran—narrator


Music Director—Mirosław Racewicz
Choir Director—Paweł Szkop
Acting Ballet Director—Antonina Ziąbska
Manager—Krzysztof Stoiński

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