Yet this morning in the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic one could see the exhibition “Running with the Wolves”—fairytale-like illustrations of artists from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Thanks to that we had extraordinary guests today at Odeska Street: we were visited by Martin Roger—Ambassador of Estonia to Poland, Tiina Tarkus—Counsellor of Estonia to Poland, Iwona Wrońska—Honorary Counsellor of Estonia in Białystok, and Magdalena Chomiuk—Secretary to the Embassy and our translator.

The subject of the visit and the talk between the Ambassador and the General Director of the Opera, Damian Tanajewski, was the cooperation of Estonia and Podlasie Opera, as well as its development prospects. Therefore we can expect another great projects organised in collaboration with the Estonian Embassy.

In European culture the wolf is an animal with strong associations. What served as main inspiration for the exhibition curated by Viive Noor was a set of traditional stories collected by Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her book “Women Who Run with the Wolves.” The exhibition was arranged for International Book Fair in London (2018), where Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia were invited as guests of honour.

See the full photo report of the visit on our photoblog OPERA_SPACE.