Moniuszko was reported to say about his heritage: “Have faith in me, dear Józef, not like in a Lithuanian (because I am not—our nest was in Podlasie, and from a branch, that wandered from there to Lithuania, I am barely a second bud.” It is our pleasure to inform that the father of the Polish opera is going to be the patron of the biggest musical institution in Podlasie.

By resolution of Podlaskie Regional Assembly, Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic—European Art Centre in Białystok is going to be named for Stanisław Moniuszko.

October 4, 2019, on the Main Stage at Odeska 1 we will hear and see “Halka,” a Vilnius version of the most renowned Moniuszko’s opera. The orchestra will be led by Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk, and the performance is directed by Agnieszka Glińska. It’s co-produced by the Grand Theatre—Opera in Warsaw.