Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska – Europejskie Centrum Sztuki w Białymstoku imienia Stanisława Moniuszki


Postcard from Poland

Three Polish composers from three periods

This evening shall pass marked by three great Polish names and will take us to three musical periods: late classicizm, romanticism, and modernism, here called Young Poland. Kurpiński’s opera “The Castle of Czorsztyn” contained many national hallmarks: polonaise, dumka, cavatina, or folk song. Haunted gothic castle at Lake Czorsztyn haunts the imagination! Romantic associations bring us to Mickiewicz, but from Polish mountains we will travel to Crimea. To eight chosen poems of his “Crimean Sonnets”, a cantata was composed by Stanisław Moniuszko for solo voices, choir and orchestra. The atmosphere will be completed and divided by Szymanowski’s Violin Concerto inserted between the latter two. This is the first modern violin concerto, which leaves 19th-century tradition for a new expression. It’s a one-part poem with a beautiful sound aura and fantastic and passionate character.

Concert co-organised and co-financed as part of The Institute of Music and Dance’s programme “Conductor-in-residence”

Data wydarzenia 25 X 2019
Cena biletów 25–50 PLN
Miejsce wydarzenia Concert Hall
Podleśna 2


Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Piotr Wacławik—conductor
Krzysztof Jakowicz—violin
Emil Ławecki—tenor
Violetta Bielecka—choir preparation


Karol Kurpiński—Overture to the opera “The Castle of Czorsztyn”
Karol Szymanowski—Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 35
Stanisław Moniuszko—“The Crimean Sonnets”

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