Karolina Czarnecka is an interdisciplinary artist. In her work she mixes different fields of art and explores its barriers. Having sung a number “Hera, koka, hasz, LSD” (based on The Tiger Lillies’ “Heroine and Cocaine”) at The Actors’ Song Review in Wrocław she achieved recognition and conquered the hearts of the internauts. She’s graduated from The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, co-creates theatrical cabaret group Pożar w Burdelu (Fire in the Brothel) and is a part of Gang Śródmieście group. In 2014 she has released an EP “Córka” (“Daughter”) that got a warm welcome. In 2018 an LP “Solarium 2.0” premiered with a single “Anaruk.” The album remains a follow-up to the story to the debut CD.

“Solarium 2.0” is another meeting with Tina, a character of a young girl who’s drove off to the capital city to dream her big-city dreams. The LP allows us to visit her in her room and share her worries while drinking tea, eating cookies, sitting on the mattress and listening to a story she tells about her journey. She’s just came back from the planet Solarium. Didn’t go there by subway nor a spaceship, she hasn’t even really moved. Too Podlasie-y and too lonely was she not to fall inside the rabbit hole. Black and blue, with her hand in an arm sling, finally she came back, bringing all sorts of memorabilia with her: a book from her First Communion, a broken cigarette holder, an electric guitar, pastel pink panties and cosmic dust.

This LP is something more than a CD, it’s a recording of the anxiety of a girl, who, born in the ’89, tries not to let insidious waves of capitalist reality take her away. The music is by Michał Górczyński and Jacek Kita, and lyrics by Karolina Czarnecka and Michał Walczak. Visuals by Dominika Grzybek.

This winter Czarnecka will turn into a teller of tales, so she can tell about her Tina during the journey of “Solarium 2.0 19.”

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