Open Days of European Funds action is especially ceremonial this year, as it is the 15th anniversary of Poland joining the European Union. ODEF weekend will close the anniversary celebrations.

With great pleasure we join the event again and we invite you that night to celebrate with us:

11–12 V 2019
Viewing terraces / Odeska 1 / 11.30–20.00

Let’s marvel at the city landscape from the Opera’s roof. Entry from the medium level terraces.

12 V 2019
Foyer / Odeska 1 / 14.00

“Colours of joy”—plastic art workshop for family
Workshop dedicated to children and families, inspired by the colours of the flags and the most famous buildings of the European Union countries.

12 V 2019
Foyer / Odeska 1 / 15.00 and 16.00

“The mysteries of the Opera”—tour
This guided tour of the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic’s building is a perfect opportunity to see what you usually can’t see and hear what you usually can’t hear. Join us and get to know the mysteries of the Opera. Free admission cards will be available from Thursday, May 9 at the Opera’s box office at Odeska 1.