The sounds come from the inside. Always real, filled with artists’ emotions and addictive depth. Like every year, we will listen to the stories collected from all over the world and encaptured in music. Just like that, simply and naturally. We’ll be close to music, close to people and close to different feelings. As always we hope that we’ll relive those feelings together and that they will remain within us for a long time.

For 8 years now Halfway Festival has been consistently following the same path that’s marked out halfway. Without crowding, without rushing, without racing, just sauntering at one’s own pace. The most important thing is the music, which is why the festival rejects all barriers—and joins us in musical emotions, gives us joy, touches us.

We wholeheartedly invite you to 8th edition of the Halfway Festival.

* children aged 7–12 – 50% of the price
* children younger than 7 – free entry (free admission cards to be received at the box office)
Attention! For citizens of Białystok we have prepared special “local” tickets, that may be purchased by the citizens of Białystok in the box office after showing a document of identification that contains home address:
– regular “local” ticket PLN 70
– concession “local” ticket PLN 60
To confirm your home address, you may show:
– ID containg the address
– cell or stationary phone bill
– energy bill
– bank account statement or credit card statement
– medical insurance bill or car insurance bill
– valid certificate of residence issued by the competent city hall
Each person is entitled to 1 ticket per 1 day of the festival.