“Songs are just recordings of moments. Nothing more and nothing less,”

said Kortez in one of his interviews. Come autumn, and his velvety voice, atmospheric sounds and emotional lyrics will resound all over Poland, as the musician embarks on a concert tour entitled “Hey you.” He will be accompanied by a backing band composed of Krzysztof Domański, Kuba Galiński, Lesław Matecki and Marcin Ułanowski.
During the concert, we will hear selected songs from Kortez’s previous albums as well as two new tracks: “Hej wy” (Hey you) and “Jak stare drzewa” (Like old trees), to be released on the forthcoming Mini dom album (Mini home; release date: 21 September 2018)—a compilation of EPs from the double-platinum Mój dom (My home). The opening act, Panieneczki, is a neofolk band focusing on broadly understood guy-girl stuff.

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