Three tenors

New Year’s concert

The Three Tenors concerts were made famous in the 90s by Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti, who performed together live as well as recorded many CDs which gained huge popularity. After Pavarotti’s death in 2007, his friends announced that out of respect for him they are not going to find a replacement and will end the project. But, still, the magic of three tenors works and makes a great and energetic entertainment, perfect for a carnival. Let us greet the new year in a great company of three tenors: Adam Zdunikowski, Łukasz Gaj, Adam Sobierajski, and music that beautifully expresses the joy of life. We will listen to the most famous opera and operetta arias and great theatre and movie hits.


10 I 2020
25–50 PLN
Concert Hall
Podleśna 2


Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra
Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk—conductor
Adam Sobierajski—tenor
Łukasz Gaj—tenor
Adam Zdunikowski—tenor


“Signorina” from the movie “Zdobyć cię muszę” (mus. B. Kaper, lyr. M. Halicz)
“Brunetki, blondynki” from the movie “Kocham wszystkie kobiety” (mus. R. Stolz, lyr. M. Halicz)
“Ninon, ach, uśmiechnij się” from the movie “Pieśń dla ciebie” (mus. B. Kaper, lyr. M. Halicz)
“Core ‘ngrato” (mus. S. Cardillo, lyr. A. Sisca)
“Non ti scordar di me” (mus. E. De Curtis, lyr. D. Furnò)
“Mamma” (mus. C. Bixio, lyr. B. Cherubini)
“Funiculì, funiculà” (mus. L. Denza, lyr. G. Turco)
“Santa Lucia” (mus. and Napoli lyr. T. Cottrau, Italian lyr. E. Cossovich)
“Wróć do Sorrento” (mus. E. De Curtis, lyr. G. De Curtis, tr. W. Rapacki)
“’O sole mio” (mus. E. Di Capua, lyr. G. Capurro)
“Wielka sława to żart”—Barinkay’s couplets from Act 1 of the operetta “Der Zigeuneurbaron” (mus. J. Strauss, lyr. K. Chudowolska)
“Twoim jest serce me”—Prince Sou-Chong’s aria from Act 2 of the operetta “The Land of Smiles” (mus. F. Lehár, lyr. L. Śliwiński/J. Rzecki)
“Lat 20 miał mój dziad”—Adam’s aria from Act II of the operetta “Der Vogelhändler” (mus. C. Zeller, lyr. T. Wołowski/L. Śliwiński/A. Kitschman)
“Graj, Cyganie”—Countess and Tassilo’s duet from Act 1 of the operetta “Countess Maritza” (mus. I. Kálmán, lyr. M. Makowiecka/A. Włast)
“Besame mucho” (mus. and lyr. C. Velázquez)
“Cielito lindo” (mus. and lyr. Q. Mendoza y Cortés)
“La Cucaracha” (mus. and lyr. traditional)
“Granada” (mus. and lyr. A. Lara)
“La Spagnola” (mus. and lyr. V. Di Chiara)

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