On the Day of Independence, November 11, 2019, at 17.00 the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic will hold an opening of an exhibition of works by Michał Jackowski, a sculpturer whose art combines antiquity and pop-art. The “Internal Independence” exhibition will present eleven marble sculptures accompanied by an interactive installation and designs that the artist is preparing for a future commission from the Sultan of Oman as public space decorations in the country’s capital Muscat. The opening will host such prominent guests as Oman’s Consul in Berlin, Abdul Majeed Al Jahwari, as well as Dr. Nasser Al-Taee, the director of the Royal Opera in Muscat.

The tickets in a symbolic amount of 1 PLN (concession ticket) and 3 PLN (regular ticket) are in sale in the Opera’s box office. Our viewers in the hours of the performances are invited free of charge.

The part in the Foyer is open. We are sorry to inform you that the multimedia part in the Exhibition Hall is no longer available due to technical difficulties.


Michał Jackowski combine antiquity and pop-art in his work. His sculptures engage viewers by all of their senses, take them for a voyage through time and space, but most importantly—they ask questions about the essence of our independence.

Do we appreciate it properly?
Don’t we exchange it too hastily to material goods?
Or do we use it to build true relationships with others?

The background for these questions is the contemporary world, in which consumerism strongly affects relations between people, and individual freedom is constantly put to the test. “Internal Independence” is an exhibition addressing a ‘homo faber,’ a man too busy with work to stop and reflect on the aim, the sense, and the quality of his journey through being a human, as well as of being with the others.

Only a few people in Poland know that in November also the Sultanate of Oman celebrates its independence.

The concept of inner independence is one of the strategies that a modern subject can choose. It refers equally to men and nations, for many political entities in history have found themselves struggling with overwhelming forces. Finding asylum in their inner, resolute attitude, they have managed to survive and to shake off ashes of oppression of their wings like a phoenix that comes back to life. This is a feature that such different entities as Poland and Oman, do have in common. Neither geographic nor religious differences can undermine this truth about man, which, yet again, expressed its universality in a language of art that remains a platform of a transcultural understanding.


“I wish that my art reminds us that freedom begins and ends in each of us, for it’s more of a task and a process than a state. The Day of Independence on November 11 (exhibitions’ opening date) again prompts questions regarding our freedom. All reflection begins with a question. That’s why questions are the motif and the path of my artistic work. I want to invite everyone to join me on this journey.”
Michał Jackowski


Michał Jackowski
A sculpturer, born in 1978 in Białystok. From 1997 to 2003 studied at the Warsaw Academy of Arts. For the last 15 years, in his workshop in Białystok, he has been creating small sculptures, monuments, church interiors, as well as urbanistic architectural solutions. In 2017 the cycle “Antique Games” was displayed at the International Art Biennale in Florence, where it received two awards. In 2018 artist’s works were shown at exhibitions and art shows in London, Zurich, Como, and Basel. In 2019 Jackowski received two awards in Rome at the Artrooms Roma, where his work was admitted as one of 40 from among over a thousand applications. After being presented at the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, the “Antique Games” cycle will continue its tour and will be exhibited in London, Saint Petersburg, Rome, and Miami.