Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska – Europejskie Centrum Sztuki w Białymstoku imienia Stanisława Moniuszki


Duets for two flutes

God’s voice

“The Year 1812” Overture Tchaikovsky composed to be performed in the open air. To a big ensemble of brass, woodwinds and percussion, he added orchestra, toll of the bells, and sounds of the cannon—all to celebrate Russia’s great victory over Napoleon’s army in 1812. But there’s an American side to the work as well—the premiere directed by composer himself in 1891 took place at an opening concert of the Carnegie Hall in New York, and now it’s often performed for the Independence Day. Tchaikovsky’s death in 1893 left Rachmaninov shaken. His Symphony No. 2 both in structure and character resembles Tchaikovsky’s last symphonies, especially the Fifth, with whom it shares the E minor key. The Second brought Rachmaninov success and opened a new better chapter of life. Those two Russian inspirations will be split by Mykietyn’s Double Concerto for two flutes and orchestra. Traditionally the flute symbolizes the voice of God. Low-key, but at the same time very dramatic work is composed of three parts played attacca, the first and the last of them based on the composer’s own technique of continuous accelerando.

Koncert pod patronatem Polskiego Wydawnictwa Muzycznego w ramach projektu TUTTI.pl promującego wykonawstwo muzyki polskiej



Data wydarzenia 6 III 2020
Cena biletów 20–45 PLN
Miejsce wydarzenia Concert Hall
Podleśna 2


Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra
Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk — conductor
Łukasz Długosz — flute
Agata Kielar-Długosz — flute
Piotr Wacławik – conductor’s assistant


Michał Glinka – Russlan And Ludmilla (Overture)
Paweł Mykietyn—Double Concerto for two flutes and orchestra
Sergei Rachmaninov—Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 27

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