The work of Grzegorz Turnau mostly brings to mind the city of Krakow, but it was another place that inspired the artist to publish a new album. It was Bedford—where in an English school Grzegorz Turnau learned how to play rugby, and in his pastime he tried to play by ear his favourite songs of Lennon and McCartney. New album “Bedford School” is a sentimental journey to that times and places, and at the same time it’s the first English-speaking album of Turnau; the CD was created in cooperation with Shannon music group and its lead vocalist Maria Rumińska.

During the concert we will hear songs from the repertoire of Billy Joel, Sting, Queen, and The Beatles, and of course Turnau’s greatest hits. It’s going to appeal to both Sergeant Pepper’s peers and people who sometimes feel like The Fool On The Hill.

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