The opening of the “Situations” exibition of paintings by Adrianna Konopka is going to be held Thurdsay, May 9 at 17.30 in the Exhibition Hall of Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic. The entrance to the opening is free.

Adrianna Konopka is an artist born in Białystok, graduate of Artur Grottger High School of Arts and Crafts in Suprasl. She is currently a fourth-year student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the Faculty of Painting, where she studies painting under Prof. Jarosław Modzelewski and drawing under Prof. Paweł Bołtryk. She is one of the most interesting and promising artists of the young generation. It will be worth it to see her first individual exhibition, and not anywhere else than in her hometown.

It is not easy to write about the work of a young artist starting their own way, and that is who Adrianna Konopka, a fourth-year student, is. The hardest part is the fact that her art may yet change very much, and may this be the case. Not because her paintings are not interesting and intriguing by now, which is true for Adrianna, but because forthcoming changes are almost certain. Works of Adrianna Konopka are born of her sensitivity, intuition, and the need to create a world other than the real one, a world in which decisions regarding colours and forms are constructing another reality, the reality of the painting. That reality underlies changes analogical to the changes of the time and space the artists lives and works in. That is what real art is about.
Prof. Jarosław Modzelewski

In “Situations” one can notice a strong dualism. On one side there are works that are dark, almost black, on the other—works in colour, shimmering warm hues, in different techniques. The blackness in art is a problem of each and every artist, and every artist must deal with it sooner or later. Whilst manifesting those struggles, Konopka tries to make peace with them to move on. Every person has some faces that they do not like to show for everybody to see. The works in colour symbolise the future and on some level the present, the artist is an optimist and holds onto faith in what is there to come next. She interlaces fantasy motives with situations of regular, every day life, mixing those worlds. Monsters she paints do not seem minacious. They are rather strangers, with whom you can have a word during your journey.
Jakub Sobolewski

Sponsor of the opening: Hotel Royal.