We all know the story of the Little Red Riding Hood—the girl who went to her sick grandma’s home with a basket full of delicacies. But what if we were to tell the story in a slightly different way? What if the protagonist was to meet slightly different characters on her path than those we know from the fairy tale? “The Case of Little R.R. Hood” is a contemporary take on the classical story. In the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic production, the forest is replaced with the big city jungle. The city is not just a realm of possibility, but also of temptation and danger, to which especially the young ones are exposed. The fascinating, unknown world invites us to leave the well-known, safe path—and this is exactly what happens to the Little Red Riding Hood. She strays from her path and enters an unknown world—enticed to do so by the Big Bad Wolf, who looks for the opportune moment to devour the girl and her Grandma. What he doesn’t know, though, is that he is being followed by the Detective, hired by Little Red Riding Hood’s Mum, anxious about the lack of news from her daughter. Neither does he know that the Little Red Riding Hood has a tiny friend—the Hamster named Apple Core, who wouldn’t leave the girl for a moment. Apart from one moment… Will the Detective make it on time? What will happen to the Little Red Riding Hood? Will the Wolf get what he deserves? And will the girl learn to appreciate the strength of friendship?

Be aware of stroboscopic effects (Read more)
Stroboscopic effects last for 34 s and 21 s
For children aged 5 and over