“Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Moniuszko”—educational workshop

In May and June 2019 elementary schools in Białystok will be visited by Stanisław Moniuszko, who is going to teach a class. The lesson will be held in form of energising and fun “lecture,” presenting the contents of the national opera “Halka.” The main aim of the class is to introduce students to the libretto of the opera and to fix in their memory the most famous aria from “Halka”—Jontek’s aria “Szumią jodły na gór szczycie.” The lesson will be given by an actor playing the role of Moniuszko. Unconventional way of presenting the material may appeal to students more and will enable them to learn the timeless message of the oeuvre, as well as elementary issues of opera as a scenic genre. The meeting will transform into a spontaneous play, making learning together fun.

Main aim:
– to introduce students to the libretto of “Halka” and to fix in their memory its most famous aria

Specific aims:
– student listens to the interpretation of the work given by the actor
– student can see emotions of the lector in their voice, intonation, gesticulation and facial expressions
– student understands the specifics of the opera as a scenic genre
– student differentiates elements of the opera performance (music, acting, set design, costumes, props)
– student gets acquainted to and understands terms connected with the opera: composer, opera, score
– student presents and motivates their opinions
– student decodes the general meaning of the opera “Halka”
– student valuates the behaviour of the characters

– elements of talk
– elements of discussion
– listening to the music work

Age group: classes I–IV of elementary school
Duration: 45 mins
Price: free
Moderation: Mateusz Stasiulewicz