We all know what happened to the Little Red Riding Hood—the girl who set out to visit her sick grandmother with a basket full of tasty treats. But what if we told this story in a slightly different way? What if the Little Red Riding Hood were to meet different characters than those from the fairy tale? Could they become friends and help the girl complete her journey? Or the contrary—prevent her from reaching her destination altogether? Using basic percussion instruments (the so-called Orff instruments) and elements of educational theatre, children will be able to develop their sense of rhythm, aural sensitivity, imagination and musical memory. They will learn and memorize rhythmic values (semibreve/whole note, minim/half note, quaver/eighth note, semiquaver/sixteenth note) and the 4/4 measure. They will create their own narrative based on music and movement, and ultimately perform in a forest orchestra. The workshop will provide kids with an opportunity to experiment and gain musical experience (playing percussion instruments, improvisation with music and movement, using the body as a percussion instrument).
Both the participants and their guardians have to wear soft slippers or socks.

Price: 12 PLN per person (teachers—1/15 students—free of charge)
Venue: Ballet Room / Odeska 1
Duration: 75 mins
Moderation: Monika Lićwinko, Magdalena Kiszko-Dojlidko
Number of participants:  20–30
For children aged 4 and over