Theatrical workshop inspired by the history of Białystok. On occasion of 100th anniversary of Białystok regaining independence (19 II 1919 rok), we’re inviting to take part in classes involving the history of our city. The basis for the theatrical experiments will be source materials, old photographs, anecdotes. During the workshop we will take a look at the architecture and the places we know of that no longer exist, like Palace Theatre or Ritz Hotel, we will follow the fashion of Białystok streets through the years and study the advertising and press releases of journals like “Dziennik Białostocki” or “Ilustrowany Białystok.” We will remind the figures of the presidents of Białystok: Józef Karol Puchalski, Bolesław Szymański, Seweryn Nowakowski and others. Using the form of workshop and the number of theatre-pedagogic techniques, we will examine the fragments of the history and try to process them into modern language. We will invite the youth to share their reflections on what seems important to them as a young inhabitants of Białystok.

The workshop is planned not only as a lesson on local history, but also as a food-for-thought: about our place and role we play in the shaping of the city, about the power to impact on the lives of its inhabitants—ourselves. Exploring the past, besides helping us draw interesting conclusions about contemporary people, can also be a great adventure and fun.

To sum up:
– In groups we will examine source materials and information on the city history;
– Collected reflections and associations we will join with our personal observations on contemporary Białystok;
– Using the form of theatrical learning through play—by creating the scenes, dialogues, characters we will share our conclusions;
– We will sum up our observations and opinions.

1–10, 15, 18, 25, 26 IV 2019
10, 14, 17, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27 V 2019

Age group: 16–18 years old
Number of participants: 35
Duration: ok. 100 min
Price: 5 PLN/person
Moderation: Monika Lićwinko (educator, theatre pedagogue)
Photography from private collections of Płużański family