This music workshop will introduce children to the magical world of sounds. The participants will search for clefs to unlock the prepared music games. Once they find the treble and bass clefs in the opera, they will be able to make their own clefs and use them to symbolically open their first door to the world of music. Further on, the participants will learn about rhythm, tapping out and repeating various rhythms and discovering the meaning of lento, moderato, allegro or metre. During the games, children will move to the rhythms proposed by the instructors, but will also be able to offer their own ideas taken from everyday life (train, clock, heartbeat). They will look for the meaning of silence and sound, thinking about the sounds that surround us, the emotions they are associated with, their influence on us and the reactions and feelings they provoke. They will reflect on whether sound itself is enough to make us scared or whether this feeling is produced by the associations it evokes.
The workshop is structured as cooperation-based team and collective exercises. The proposed activities are developed in a way that enables using the same scenario both with schoolchildren who can already read and with kindergarten kids who are only learning to distinguish colours.

Both the participants and their guardians have to wear soft slippers or socks.

Price: 10 PLN per person (teachers—1/15 students—free of charge)
Venue: Ballet Room / Odeska 1
Duration: 75 mins
Moderation: Monika Lićwinko, Magdalena Kiszko-Dojlidko
Number of participants:  20–30
For children aged 4 and over