Everyone knows the story of the ugly duckling. The mother duck’s eggs begin to hatch, revealing several fluffy birdlings and one grey, ugly creature, completely different from the rest. The nestling, rejected by other birds, is battling loneliness, looking for his place in life and for friendship. Only after the grey creature matures into a beautiful snow-white swan does the truth about his different nature finally come to light. “Ugly Ducklet” is a contemporary take on the story, which focuses on the norms governing social life and affecting both the young and the old. The performance touches upon the problem of feeling different and the loneliness it breeds. It sheds light on the intolerance rooted in the language and manner of thinking, and teaches viewers that “different” doesn’t have to mean “worse.” The fairy tale is also an interactive performance that encourages children to sing, listen to music and have fun. Even though the plot is set in Podlasie, it could take place in any corner of the world… No matter where we come from or what language we speak, it is bound to have words for tolerance, acceptance, respect for diversity, friendship and love. “Ugly Ducklet” explains the meaning of these words, highlighting that our looks and origin are not nearly as important as what we have in our hearts.

For children aged 5 and over