An educational workshop that offers an interesting and accessible introduction to the basics of opera. During the meeting, schoolchildren will discover the role of dressers and stage managers, learn how a production is put together and find out whether the spirit of the opera is really wandering around the corridors at night. The workshop is divided into two parts: the theoretical part is devoted to the work of opera employees (their daily routine and description of their tasks), while the practical part focuses on the principles of using costume to reflect the character of the portrayed person. The workshop offers a fantastic outlet for the children’s ideas and creativity: under the supervision of our educators, they will design and create a male and female opera costume.

Price: 10 PLN per person (teachers—1/15 students—free of charge)
Venue: Green Room / Odeska 1
Duration: 60 mins
Moderation: Joanna Dybowska, Ireneusz Piechowski
Number of participants: 15–30
For children aged 7 and over