During the meetings, educators will touch upon subjects such as tolerance, the need for acceptance, respect for diversity, altruism and sensitivity—in a manner adjusted to the participants’ age. They will outline and explain people’s feelings, thoughts and behaviours, trying to make the schoolchildren aware of the fact that everyone’s behaviours and beliefs deserve to be respected. They will demonstrate that tolerance involves adopting an attitude of openness to discussing difficult subjects. The workshop is aimed to stimulate participants to exercise their creativity and make art, combining their knowledge on the subject with their associations of freedom. In the second part of the workshop, each participant will make a feather inspired by the protagonists of the fairy tale “Adonis Has a Guest.” At the end, all feathers made by students will be mounted on an outline of wings, creating “wings to freedom.”

Age group: over 7 years old
Number of participants:  15–30
Duration: 60 mins
Venue: Green Room / Odeska 1
Price: 10 PLN per person
Moderation: Joanna Dybowska, Ireneusz Piechowski