Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets to events organized by the Opera may be purchased either at the box office (one at Odeska 1 and the other at Podleśna 2), or online at this website via the Bilety24.pl service (but e-tickets are not refundable and cannot be returned).
Tickets to events organized by third parties are usually also available on other ticket websites.

What are the opening hours of the box office?

Odeska 1
high season:
 Monday–Friday 9 AM–7 PM
 Saturday–Sunday 11.30 AM–7 PM
low season (July–August):
 Monday–Friday 9 AM–5 PM
 Saturday–Sunday closed
Podleśna 2
 open one hour prior to given event

If an event takes place on a holiday, both at Odeska 1 and Podleśna 2, the box office in the place of the event is open two hours prior to the event.
It’s worth noting that 30 minutes prior to the beginning of an event, the box office only sells tickets for the upcoming event.
The box office hours are continuously updated at the footer of the homepage.

Can I book my tickets?

Yes. In order to book tickets, call our customer service at 85 306 75 06 (Mon–Fri 8 AM–4 PM) or our box office at 85 306 75 04 (Mon–Fri 9 AM– 7 PM, Sat–Sun 11.30 AM–7 PM). You can also write us at bilety@oifp.eu.

How much does a ticket cost?

The price depends on the event and the seat in the audience. You can look up the ticket price in the seating plan view, when you hover the cursor over your selected seat (see the next parapraph).
When buying tickets online, the Bilety24.pl service charges a commission fee of 4%.
We also organize events that are free of charge or for which we only charge a symbolic admission fee. You can follow our promotional campaigns on our website and social media pages.

Which seat to choose?

The auditorium of the Opera’s Main Stage is divided into four differently priced areas—the best seats are located in area I, while those in area IV are slightly less comfortable (some with restricted view). Depending on whether you prefer to have a broad view of the entire stage or take a closer look at the details, you should choose seats located further (e.g., last rows in the stalls or the dress circle centre) or closer to the stage.
It’s worth noting that the first three rows in the stalls are level (area III), just as like rows no. 5 and 7, which are at the same level as rows before them (i.e., row no. 5 is level with row no. 4, while row no. 7 is level with row no. 6).
Seats with restricted view are located in the dress centre left and right. Feel free to go to Our venues tab, where, in the case of the Main Stage, you can see, how the view will look from a given seat of the auditorium, you’re also welcome to contact the Opera’s ushers, who are always happy to give advice and help you choose the best available seats.

Can I exchange my ticket?

Unfortunately, tickets are not exchangeable—if you want to change your seat in the audience or choose a different event date, you have to return your ticket and purchase a new one, subject to availability.

Can I return my ticket?

Only tickets purchased at the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic may be returned. E-tickets are not refundable!

The following terms and conditions apply:
a) individual and school group tickets may be returned no later than 3 days prior to the event;
b) group tickets may be returned no later than 5 days prior to the event;
c) tickets may only be returned upon presentation of proof of purchase (bill, invoice, agreement, wire transfer confirmation, card payment confirmation, bank statement, transfer of ticket ownership);
d) tickets are reimbursed using the same payment form as the original purchase (cash, wire transfer, credit or debit card). The Opera does not reimburse other cards and bank accounts than those used to make the original purchase.

Do I have to print my ticket?

E-tickets are e-mailed to you in PDF format. You don’t have to print them, we also accept e-tickets presented on mobile devices.

I haven’t received my e-tickets, what do I do?

Contact the e-ticket sales operator at info@bilety24.pl.

I’ve lost the ticket bought at the box office, what do I do?

As soon as you realise this (do not wait until the day of the event), please contact us personally at the box office or call us at +48 85 306 75 06 or +48 85 306 75 04. After verification and complying with the formalities you will receive a duplicate ticket.

I have mobility issues. Which seat in the audience should I choose?

The Opera building is modern and fully adapted for persons with limited mobility. There is lift access to most areas in the auditorium (apart from the centre upper circle). Accessible seats (that you can reach without any stairs) are located in rows no. 1–3 and row no. 11 in the stalls as well as in the dress circle left and right (seats 1–10 with restricted view). Before purchasing your ticket, you might want to contact our ushers or box office employees.
If you’re a wheelchair user, there are four designated spaces in the Main Stage auditorium: stage left and right stalls, one seat each next to rows no. 1 and 2. In order to ensure maximum comfort to persons on wheelchairs, we kindly ask to notify us 3 days in advance of the event at 85 306 75 (Mon–Fri 8 AM–4 PM) or when booking your ticket.
Remember that our ushering team is always ready to provide assistance before and during the event.

How can I buy group tickets?

Go to Group offer tab.

Can I buy a ticket as a gift?

Yes. Our tickets are not personalized. You can also buy a gift voucher.


If you haven’t found the answer to your question, read the general rules and regulations or call us at 85 306 75 06.