Richard Wagner

New cast. All Richard Wagner productions have made headlines—not so much because of the monumental scale of his lengthy works, but rather the high artistic merit required of the performers. This is why his operas are not staged on an everyday basis and the special category of Wagner singers is so sought after. “Die Walküre,” the second part of “Der Ring der Nibelungen” quartet, recounts the meeting of separated twins Siegmund and Sieglinde. The warrior, hurt in battle, reaches Sieglinde’s home and falls in love with her. The feeling is mutual, even though the woman is married and proves to be his sister. The mortals, however, are mere pawns in the game of gods: Wotan and his wife Fricka. Yet one of Wotan’s daughters, the Valkyrie Brünnhilde, decides to oppose her father… The Met’s multimedia production is informed by past incarnations of the opera, underscoring the timeless character of Wagner’s work.

Conductor: Philippe Jordan
Production: Robert Lepage
Set Designer: Carl Fillion
Costume Designer: François St-Aubin
Lighting Designer: Etienne Boucher
Cast: Christine Goerke as Brünhilde, Eva-Maria Westbroek as Sieglinde, Stuart Skelton as Siegmund, Jamie Barton as Fricka, Greer Grimsley as Wotan, Günther Groissböck as Hunding