An Open Dress Rehearsal is a 45-minute talk combined with a concert, including elements of a lecture given by a conductor or soloist.

The artists introduce young viewers to stories associated with the creation of the performed piece, the figure of the composer, the content of the concert and the role of instruments used. The programme of the dress rehearsal features chosen works from programme of the evening concert (hyperlinks below).

Like in recent years, the meetings will take place once a month, on selected Fridays, at 10 AM in the Concert Hall at Podleśna 2.

Dates: 27.09. / 25.10. / 29.11. / 13.12. / 24.01. / 28.02. / 13.03. / 24.04. / 05.05.
Time: 10.00

Price: 1 PLN per person (teachers—1/15 students—free of charge)
Venue: Concert Hall / Podleśna 2 (29.11. Main Stage / Odeska 1)
Duration: 45 mins
For children aged 10 and over