Like each year, the beginning of summer season in marked by the opening of the viewing terrace on the Opera’s roof. Tickets for the price of the symbolic 5 PLN are in sale at the box office during its working hours. To enter the viewing terrace you need to use the stairs at the back of the building (from the side of the St. Marie Magdalene orthodox church). Children up to 13 years of age may enter for free by showing school ID, but they need to be with an adult (that does not apply to school organised groups).

The viewing terrace in open on Saturdays and Sundays during the box office working hours until September 29, 2019. If the weather conditions are bad (rain, strong wind etc.) the entrance will not be possible. During beautiful weather—feel invited!

In May and June the viewing terrace is open 11.30–20.00 (buying and picking up the tickets up to 19.00), in July and August 11.30–21.00 (buying and picking up the tickets up to 20.00), and in September 11.30–20.00 (buying and picking up the tickets up to 19.00).