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Damian Tanajewski

damian tanajewski



Director of Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic
- European Art Centre in Białystok

 Damian Tanajewski


A graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Białystok and postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, with a degree in Accounting, Internal Control and Audit. He is a certified internal auditor (Certificate of the Minister of Finance). He has participated in a number of training courses. He began work in 2003 at the Treasury Control Office in Bialystok. Since 2005 he has been an internal auditor, then the director of the Internal Audit Office at Marshal’s Office at the Podlaskie Voivodeship in Bialystok. He has conducted a number of internal audit and EU funds trainings. Since October 2011, the Deputy Director of Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra - European Arts Centre (POEA) in Bialystok. In August 2014 he became an acting Director of the POEA. After winning the competition on 21 April 2015, he assumed the position of Director. He was in charge of production of the following operas: "The Haunted Mansion", "Traviata", "Carmen" and "La Bohème", musicals: "Korczak", "Phantom of the Opera","Doctor Zhivago", "The Revenge of the Bat" operetta, as well as "Jaś i Małgosia" and "Adonis has a guest" musical tales for children. He has been acquiring knowledge about the theatre under the supervision of such excellent specialists as M. Wojciechowski and Prof. P. Dobrzycki. Among the directors with whom he cooperated as a producer were: W. Kępczyński, R. Skolmowski, A. Korytkowska-Mazur, J. Szydłowski, B. Redo-Dobber, A. Bubień, M. Sartova, J. Malinowski, B.A. Bieleń. He has visited many theatres in Poland and abroad to study the profile of their activities, participated in fairs, trainings and meetings related to the subject of the theatre. It soon became clear that the opera is not only a place of work but also a source of true passion and fascination. He was the originator and co-author of many events at the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic, he organized, among others: the New Year's Eve Gala, the New Year's Gala (with the participation of A. Kurzak), subsequent editions of the Halfway Festival, Fashionable East fashion shows (he was a producer of M. Przybylski’s fashion shows at POEA), as well as thematic events related to jubilee activities of Podlasie companies. In 2016, he organized the VI National Competition for Young Conductors and, a year later, the 1st International Organ Competition. Damian Tanajewski is involved in charity work, and educational and exhibition activities. In March 2016 he was awarded the Employer of Friendly Education Award, granted by the President of the Białystok City Council. Since November 2014, he has been an Ordinary Member of the Association of Theatre Directors, and since December 2015, the Association’s representative at the Technical Committee 320 for Entertainment Technology. He is currently involved in elaborating his theatre’s repertoire, sharing the love for art with theatre management.



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